Sunday, February 19, 2012

African Violets Pullover - Body Done

So this colorway doesn't really remind me of African Violets.  I will confess that the first word that came to my mind was camouflage.  Camouflage is an interesting word.  It is probably derived from the word camouflet, which is French, and means "smoke blown in someone's face as a practical joke", but the modern definition is "an underground explosion of a bomb or mine that does not break the surface, but leaves an enclosed cavity of gas and smoke".

This is certainly the tamest of these pullovers that I have made, and it is also the best fitting.  I adjusted the increases of the body and neckline to give more ease in the very top portion, where it fits across the shoulders.  I have wide shoulders and the other pullovers, while they fit, are a little snug across my shoulders and will ride up a little.  So I increased every other row for about half of the distance of that upper section before you separate out the armhole stitches, and then spaced out the rest of the increases.  It increased my yarn usage a lot more than I thought it would.  In fact I ran out of yarn on my second skein while I was working the rib around the bottom so I didn't do all 15 rows, and I had to break into my third skein to work the ribbing around the color.  I still have plenty to knit the sleeves, though, there just won't be as much left over as my other pullovers.

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