Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Jungle Book Shawlette - Clues 1, 2 & 3 - Take 2

So Clue 3 came out yesterday and after dinner I dived eagerly in.  I had been reading the forum so I knew that there was some errata, and that the spines were not intended to line up with the spines from Clue 2.  But after I knit a few rows I knew that I wanted the symmetry so I decided to rip back.  But as I was contemplating the changes to the pattern I decided that I really wanted to go back and fix the asymmetries that existed in Clues 1 and 2 as well.  So I ripped back to the last increase row before Clue 1.  For those wondering, I did not have any life lines, I simply pulled the knitting off of my needles and started ripping back.  When I got to one row before the row I wanted to start knitting at again I tinked, putting each stitch back on the needles before pulling out the stitch from the row above.

But, before I started knitting Clue 1 again I had to make a slight modification to the chart.  You see, the pattern really wants to be knit over 41 stitches, not 40, so I added an extra stitch, resulting in a symmetric pattern.
So far, so good.  Then I got to the next increase row, but how many yarn overs did I need to do?  I knew that I needed to add another stitch to the chart to make it symmetric, but did I need one stitch or two in the knitting?  It turns out that I needed one stitch, so instead of my increase row being k3, (yo, k1), end yo, k3 it was k4, (yo, k1), end k3.  This gave me 81 stitches for the chart pattern.  And the result was that everything lined up beautifully.
Reknitting those two clues took me all evening, and this morning I tackled Clue 3.  Once again for my increase row I did k4, (yo, k1), end k3, giving me 161 stitches for the Clue 3 pattern.  In Clue 3 however, the extra stitch went at the beginning of the right side rows, instead of the end.  But once again everything worked out perfectly.
Now back to my Christmas Carol Shawlette.  I am about a quarter of the way through the knit on border.

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