Friday, November 25, 2011

The Jungle Book Shawlette - Clue 2

As I was knitting the first row of Clue 2 I discovered that I had made a mistake on Clue 1.  Somehow I had ended up 2 stitches short.  Obviously I missed a couple of yarn overs, but I couldn't see where, so I frogged and started over.  This early in the game it is easier to just start over than it is to diagnose and fix.  I am enjoying the pooling and I think that this colorway is more suited to this kind of shape, where the row length changes, even if it is a step increase rather than a continuous increase, than to a fixed row length.

Yesterday afternoon and evening I worked on some simple knitting, another raglan pullover in Fiesta Yarns Boomerang in the Casablanca colorway, one of their Color Cruise 2012 colors.  There were too many interruptions to try to focus on lace, but today I will go back to my Christmas Carol Shawlette.  I am about to start Chart 4.


  1. That's very very pretty!
    I assure you that when the subscription is open, I will let everyone know!