Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Through the Looking Glass - Finished!

I spent the last four days knitting Never Ending Borders (NEBs).  First was the Fickle-Zen Mystery shawl, which I knit in one day, and then there was this shawl, which took me a bit longer.  I will confess that I made a couple of unintentional design changes (otherwise known as mistakes) on this one, but it still all worked out okay. The color is Tart Berry, the yarn is Luxe by The Unique Sheep.  This is one of my favorite fingering weight yarns.  It has a fairly tight twist so it gives great stitch definition, and when you block it the yarn softens a little and you end up with this wonderfully soft, drapey shawl.  I love the colors and as I was knitting I thought that the last skein, which is dark blue and purple, would look wonderful in Marici and might be suitable for a shawl pattern that I have been eyeing.