Thursday, December 29, 2011

Three Quarter Time Shawl - Chart D

Well, I don't know what the deal is with row 61 (the last row of Chart C), but despite all my efforts I ended up with extra stitches in row 63.  Fortunately they occurred around the center stitch, so I improvised and it all worked out okay.  Row 63 isn't a very difficult row, but it contains a bunch of increases to create the Estonian Lilies.  I actually had to go over my knitting working from the center stitch out making sure that everything was symmetrical.  Whatever happened in those two rows, I didn't have any trouble with the rest of Chart D.  After I pinned it out for the photo I checked the symmetry of Charts C and D and everything looks good.  Now I get to repeat Charts C and D, so I will get another crack at rows 61 and 63.

You can get a pretty good sense of the color transition in this photo.  I think it looks good, I may never do another set of transitions rows with a gradiance set again.  I find that thought rather liberating.  I guess I am lazy about some things, and color changes are one of those things.

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