Sunday, May 8, 2011

Organizing the Yarn Stash!

Well, I have had a very productive weekend.  I have been cataloging my yarn stash.  This is my work area in my studio.  The hardware on the right side of the picture is the back end of my loom.  The white paper is for taking pictures on, and you can just see my Dell Mini in the top of the picture, resting on a brass stool that we brought back from Pakistan.  I sit on that stool when I am threading heddles on my loom.  To the left are two completed boxes, with an open box in the foreground that I have not yet started on, plus yarn scattered about waiting to be cataloged and stashed.  And here are some completed boxes.
Those are book shelves underneath, and part of my warping frame for weaving.  At one point I did consider trying to organize the yarn by weight, but that was too much effort.  Just knowing what I have and where I have it stashed will have to be enough.  It is all being cataloged on Ravelry.  If I know the project that I bought the yarn for I add that information to the notes.  The yellow note cards are numbered and identify the box.

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