Monday, May 16, 2011

More stash cataloging

Not only did I finish two works in progress this weekend, but I also cataloged some more of my yarn stash.  Here is one section done.  Underneath the yarn stash you will see part of our library.  I have a lot of books.  Before I started buying yarn, and fabric, and beads, I bought books.  These are the non-fiction books, cataloged and shelved according to the Library of Congress system.  The "shelves" are actually book boxes.  If you look closely you can see that they are stacked to maximize the amount of shelf space.  I used to have a lot of book shelves to hold all of my books, but moving (which I did with startling regularity) was a real pain.  Then, when I was in graduate school at Ball State (just two hours from my parents) my Mom suggested that I turn all of my bookshelves into book boxes, and build more.  So that is what my Dad and I did.  We put together something like 140 book boxes over a long weekend, including the staining.  The boxes are just that, boxes, with backs, and removable fronts.  When stacked they form book shelves, take them apart, pack them with books and put the lids on and they become book boxes, all ready to be loaded onto the moving van, turning my library into a moveable feast.  I have three more sections just like this one in my studio and the photo only shows the top half of the books.  The boxes are stacked five high.  Yeah, we have a lot of books...

And yes, that is my warping board hanging from paint stirrers that are being held down by the yarn boxes.  It is easy to take down if I need to get at the books behind it, and it is out of the way, and yet still easy to use.  That is part of the castle of my loom in the far right of the photo.

And here is a beauty shot of the Diadem shawl.  I used the flash to get a better contrast on the lace pattern, but the colors still came out pretty accurate.

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  1. Those book boxes are brilliant. I also really like the Diadem.