Saturday, May 7, 2011

In Dreams Mystery Shawl - Clue 6

I finished up Clue 6 this morning, and I am on my last skein of yarn.  There was finally some discussion this week about people running out of yarn on the last clue (clue 7) and that it was due to the 4 skein (4 oz) sets having only 1200 yards, but in fact they have 1260 yards, which is what the pattern called for.  The 6 skein (6 oz) sets have 1890 yards.  I think I would have been okay if the gradience transitions for the 4 skein sets had been correct.  I may still be okay, but I ordered an extra skein, just in case.  There was a great email that Susan posted from someone who did all of the math and showed that the gradience transitions were not correct.  Sigh. I know that determining transition spots is not an exact science because of the differences between knitters.  I guess I need to trust my own instincts more.

It will all work out and the shawl is absolutely gorgeous.  The only drag with ordering an extra skein is how long it will take to get to me, and the fact that it will delay my finishing the shawl, and I really wanted to wear it this year at Bead & Button.  If I do come up short I may use the leftover yarn that I have, transitioning back to the lighter colors, it all depends on how things work out.

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