Monday, May 23, 2011

In Dreams Mystery Shawl - Finished

Do something once, and it may look like a mistake, do the same thing twice, and it becomes a design feature.  I finished up the shawl this evening.  I had to get a little creative towards the end.  The skein changes for the folks using 4 skein gradience sets were wrong, and if we followed them blindly we ended up running short.  I will confess that I wasn't really thinking about my yarn usage, or the correctness of the placement of the color changes while I was knitting, I was mostly just enjoying the lace pattern.  I realized that I was in trouble after I had switched to my last skein, which was actually skein 1 of the set (I had started with skein 4).  The skeins for the Eleanora set are:  1 - mostly purple, 2 - purple with blue, 3 - blue with purple, 4 - mostly blue.  I ordered an extra skein, but couldn't wait, so I decided to improvise.  I switched back to skein 3, which I had quite a bit of, and then switched back to skein 2 before returning to skein 1.  The effect of all of that switching was a fairly broad blue stripe, which you can see at the base of the last set of leaves.  When I ordered the extra skein I put a note in that I wouldn't mind if the colors were darkened up a bit.  When I received my extra skein it frankly looked more like skein 3 (a mix of blue and purple) rather than skein 1 (mostly purple) but darker.  It all worked out though.  As I neared the final rows of the shawl I switched to my extra skein, resulting in the darker blue strip along the edge, which nicely balanced the light blue stripe.

I really like the darkened colors, and if I ever order another set of Eleanora, I will request that the whole set be darkened.

Project Details:  In Dreams Shawl, designed by Susan Pandorf of A Few Stitches Short as part of her Lord of the Rings series knit in The Unique Sheep Eos in Eleanora.

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