Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Little Mermaid - Clue 1

I know, as if I need another lace project on the needles, but this is The Unique Sheep The Little Mermaid Knit Along.  Of course the last clue has already come out and I've already signed up for the next Unique Sheep Knit Along:  The Phoenix and the Carpet.  The Phoenix and the Carpet will be the fourth Unique Sheep Knit Along that I have signed up for, but The Mermaid is the first one that I hope to actually complete.  For this Knit Along I decided to be a bit bold in my yarn choice and went with the Bliss colorway in Ling.  I was really drawn to the jewel tones and thought that they were evocative of the iridescent scales of the mermaid's tail.  Ling is 70% Superfine Super Wash Merino, 30% Cultivated Silk.  The yarn is very firm, threadlike, with a nice sheen because of the silk.  Getting the shawl started was hard because the yarn is so fine, and a little slippery, but hopefully a good blocking will take care of most of the initial uneveness.  This is my first time knitting lace with a variagated yarn.  The colors do compete somewhat with the lace pattern and can make it trickier to read the lace, but I really love the colors.  I'll just have to see how the final shawl turns out.  Of course I am using beads, I always pick the bead option on The Unique Sheep Knit Alongs.

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