Sunday, March 14, 2010

Evenstar Mystery Shawl - Clue 3, my version

Clue 3 came out this past Friday.  Turns out that it was really a continuation of the second chart.  Fortunately I had stopped a few rows shy of the end of my chart 2 so I was able to adapt fairly easily to Clue 3.  At this point it has become something of an experiment on my part.  Having diverged from the pattern it is interesting to see how my variation evolves.  Consider it something of a genetic mutation.  I take the motif of each clue and try to adapt it to where my pattern is at.  I still have more stitches than the pattern, and that will continue to grow as I do the increase rows (which double your stitch count every time you do one).  I am pondering starting another Evenstar Shawl and knitting it strictly according to the directions, just to have a live specimen for comparison (I've been depending on photos posted on Ravelry), but I definitely don't need anymore projects on my needles.

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