Sunday, March 21, 2010

Evenstar Mystery Shawl

So this is why I didn't finish the second clue of the Spring Mystery Shawl until today.  Friday night I decided to start a second Evenstar Mystery Shawl and knit this one according to the charts, without modifications.  It took me pretty much the entire evening to get it this far.  I am using the Blue Moon Fiber Arts Silk Thread II in Tanzanite, which is the first yarn that I purchased for the project.  The yarn is not that easy to work with.  Silk does not stretch and it is slippery, and I'm finding it harder to read the lace, which makes catching my mistakes harder.  Yes, I do make mistakes, but I usually catch them very quickly and I can often fix them without having to tink (that is knit backwards).  I am glad that I did not start with this yarn.  I think that you have to have some lace experience before you tackle as unforgiving a fiber as silk.  It is a beautiful fiber, however, and feels wonderful to knit with, and it all started as the cocoon of a moth.  Pretty amazing.  Silk takes color so beautifully because when you get it wet the fiber opens up, letting the dye penetrate.

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