Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mystery Shawl 16 Knit Along

Another lace project?  What am I thinking?  And a mystery shawl knit along.  I've never done a mystery shawl, or a knit along, but this one is done by Goddess Knits and I am just head over heels about her lace shawls (although the pictures on Ravelry are generally better than the ones on her web site).  What is a mystery shawl knit along?  Well, you join up by buying the "pattern" and in Goddess Knits case, joining the yahoo group.  Then you buy the yarn.  I bought the suggested yarn, trusting in the designer to pick something appropriate, plus it is a great way to try new things.  Then you wait.  The clues (in the form of lace charts with some directions) come out once a week, and at the end of it all you have a shawl, and you get the complete pattern.  The yarn is Winter Mountain Fibers Fingering, 100% wool.

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