Sunday, January 25, 2015

Primula Adiri

I had this yarn - Shalimar Yarns Haven in Damask - hanging out in a very nice knitting bag that I picked up at Bead & Button this past year (one of my few acquisitions this past year).
As I was finishing up my Iced Audrey Corvina I decided that I would knit up the yarn in this knitting bag next.  Although I had bought this yarn for the pattern Loden, at some point I got it into my head that I had actually bought it for the pattern Adiri.  I caked up a skein and consulted the pattern to knit a gauge swatch.  The pattern called for a US size 8 needle, which sent off alarm bells in my head, as the weight is DK.  I swatched with a US 6 and made gauge.
After I finished up my Iced Audrey Corvina and had it blocking I started setting up my project page for Adiri.  I like to make sure that the yarn I am using is in my stash so I went and checked and discovered that the yarn I had swatched with wasn't, but this yarn was.
And when I stashed it I had noted that it was for the pattern Adiri.  I then also noticed that I had 5 skeins of this color and 6 skeins of the Damask (in the first photo).  The Adiri pattern called for 5 skeins for the size that I was knitting, so obviously I had intended the Damask color for something else.  A quick search on Ravelry solved the mystery and I added the Damask color to my stash and noted that it was intended for Loden.  I went to my stash and pulled out the Primula color and discovered that I had also printed out the Adiri pattern and included it in the box with the yarn.  Sometimes I think ahead, and then I forgot that I did and do things over again.  I put the Damask skeins in the box that I pulled the Primula skeins out of and caked up a skein and cast on.  I've made it through the ribbing and have started the lace and cable pattern.
It doesn't want to lay flat, so I just let it do its thing.

Pattern:  Adiri by Julia Trice
Yarn:  Shalimar Yarns Haven in Primula
Needles:  US 6 (4.0 mm)

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