Sunday, March 9, 2014

Willow Cardigan - Body Done, well almost

I felt a need to work in a fiber other than wool and to make something a bit more spring-like.  This is from Tahki's latest pattern book, Spring Fling, although I bought it as a single pattern from Fiber Art, Inc along with the yarn.  The yarn is Tandem, which is 28% Cotton, 28% Viscose, 28% Nylon, 16% Acrylic and comes in 50 gram balls with 107 yards.  It knits up nicely and it is easy to find the end of the ball (don't you hate those balls where you have to hunt for the end?).  When you get to the end of the ball it tends to fall apart and get a little tangled, but the tangles are easy to undo.

I modified the pattern to knit the body in one piece, separating at the armholes.  I joined the shoulders with three-needle bind off and did short row shaping (shadow wraps) on the shoulder.  Once I finish the collar (the front edging is extended up) I'm going to do top down sleeves so I can use up all of the yarn.  The pattern calls for a belt, but I probably won't do one, instead I may do just a single button and loop closure.

Pattern:  Tahki Stacy Charles Willow Cardigan
Yarn:  Tahki Stacy Charles Tandem in Ocean Deep
Needles:  US 7 (4.5 mm)

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