Sunday, March 16, 2014

Fred Update

Fred is doing quite well, now that I know that I have to trim his claws regularly.  Jasmine keeps hers in great shape with her scratching pads, but I have yet to see Fred scratch his claws, and they had gotten so long that they were growing into the pads of his paws.  Poor thing!  Now that his claws are trimmed and his pads are all healed up he is a new man.  Here he is watching kitty TV, with Jasmine chilling in her tower.  Jasmine is pretty tolerant of Fred, and he would really like to be friends with her.  Sometimes he follows her, talking to her.  She remains aloof.
Here is another shot, so you can see his adorable face.  He is keeping an eye out for Jasmine.  I am still working on keeping his fur groomed.  It seems to be a constant battle, but he is getting better about letting me work on him and I am getting better at getting the mats out without hurting him.

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