Sunday, March 2, 2014

Twisted Rib Pullover - Finished!

This one took knitting twice to get right.  It all started when, after knitting the sleeves, I decided that they were too tight and too short, so I decided to reknit them and make them larger, but then I was worried about running out of yarn.  As an experiment, when I started knitting the sleeves a second time I did the ribbing in the gold yarn that I had leftover from the Goldenrod Pullover.  That looked good, so I did the second sleeve the same way.  Then I faced the fact that I had not done contrast ribbing on the body.  I let that idea percolate a little while in my mind while I worked on other projects, and then decided to reknit the body with the contrast ribbing.  The only problem with doing that was then I ran the risk of running out when it came to doing the collar.  I decided to press on and see where I ended up, knowing that I could always do some modifications to the pattern when I got there.

As I started knitting the collar I knew that I would not have enough of the gold to finish the collar.  I searched on Ravelry and found a couple of people that had the same yarn in the same dyelot, but of the two people that I contacted, one wasn't willing to part with her ball, and the other one never replied.  Then yesterday I did another search on the internet and found a shop in the UK that was selling bags of 10 balls, and they had the gold color listed.  I almost ordered it, but stopped myself at the last minute.  Really?  Pay $80 for a bag of yarn when all I really needed was just one?  Obviously I needed to rethink things.  I tried the top on to see how the collar was looking and decided that it looked fine, so I finished knitting as much as I could with the yarn that I had, and raveled my swatches to get as much yarn as possible.  While that yarn was drying I sewed in the sleeves, and this morning I finished up the collar.

I did end up ordering more yarn from the shop in the UK (Claire's Yarns).  I tried to order the Eggplant, but they were out, so I got Malachite instead.  Turns out they were out of almost all of the colors, including the Mustard, so it wouldn't have worked out anyway.  What can I say?  I really like this yarn, and I love the top with the lace sleeves.  Now I can make three more.

Pattern:  Design 1835 from Moments No. 005
Yarn:  SMC Select Extra Soft Merino Fino in Petrol and Mustard
Needles:  US 3 (3.25 mm)