Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Tea for Two

My tea chest is all set up and fully stocked.  Yesterday we put up the shelf for my tea cups and tea pot (the shelf is actually centered over the tea chest - but I'm off to the side - parallax is real).  Unique Sheep fans may recognize the two cups hanging from the hooks from past Sip and Stitch clubs.  Bruce and I have gotten in to the habit of sharing a pot of tea when we get home from work.  Today it is Vienna Cinnamon from Tea Forte - one of my favorite places to buy teas.  That is a box of Tea Forte tea, with some of their cute little pyramids arranged in front, on the top of the chest, and those canisters in the top left compartment (hiding the cocoa canisters) are all Tea Forte teas.  Sip and Stitch Club fans will recognize the bags in the bottom right.

1 comment:

  1. That non-centered photo really bugged you, didn't it? :)