Saturday, February 8, 2014

Vintage Italian Lucite Moonglow Beads

I don't usually go for large beads, let along "plastic" beads, but these Vintage Italian Lucite Moonglow beads from the famous Bead Horde at A Grain of Sand just spoke to me.  When they arrived I immediately started playing with them on one of my Bead Boards and was delighted when the design just fell into place.  I even happened to have the perfect clasp, also purchased from A Grain of Sand, in my stash.  I had to order more of the sapphire blue beads to finish this necklace, but then had leftovers that I needed to use up (I hate having left overs) so I strung another simple necklace and used one of the matching Lucite clasps that I had also bought.
Of course you can't really get the full effect unless you put them on, so here they are being modeled by my dress maker dummy.

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