Saturday, February 22, 2014

Ice Box Tea Chest

I have an embarrassing amount of tea in my cupboards and clustered on my kitchen counter and of course I've signed up (again) for The Unique Sheep's Stitch 'n Sip Tea Club.  I do enjoy tea but I haven't had a good way of making myself a cup, but for Christmas I got a great little tea kettle (I saw the same one on Sherlock)
and lately I've gotten in to the habit of having a cup of tea when I get home from work.  Naturally I decided that I needed a better way to keep my tea stash, which led to the purchase in the first photo - a 1930's Ice Box.  Originally I was thinking a baker's rack or a hutch, and I did see a darling primitive hutch at the Antique Outlet that we went to, but the Ice Box was the first thing I saw when I walked in to the store, and after an hour of wandering, that is what I decided on.  It has all of it's original shelving.  The ice goes in the compartment on the left, and the pipe in the bottom left hand compartment drains the melted ice to the drip pan that goes underneath.
Of course Jasmine had to investigate

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