Sunday, November 4, 2012

Twills in Silk

I did a fair bit of weaving during our days off due to Sandy.  I am in a long section of twill where the pattern calls for weaving 36 inches with the red silk.  I needed a good way to keep track of how much I had woven and the method that I have used on my floor loom of simply measuring whenever I changed a bobbin wasn't really working for this loom or this piece.  Fortunately I had picked up some of those paper tape measures that the Ikea store gives away.  I picked them up because I thought they were cool, even though I had no need for them at the time.  So, I tucked the paper tape measure under the weaving as it was wrapping itself around the cloth beam and taped the tape to the beam to keep it from slipping out.  Then I continued weaving.  The tape gets taken up on the cloth beam with the cloth, and it is easy to hold it against the weaving and see how far I have gone (almost 18 inches at this point).

Project:  Twills in Silk
Sett:  15 ends per inch
Materials:  1 - 3.5 ounce skein Gemstone 2/12 silk in #103 red, 1 mini-cone Gemstone 2/12 silk each #116 rose, #105 Copenhagen, #106 gold
Source:  Yarn Barn of Kansas kit
Loom:  24  harness Margaret from Woolhouse Tools

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