Friday, November 16, 2012

Beyonce Structured Tee - 1 Corset Done

Having finished the knitting on my Draped Vest (I'll finish assembly tonight) and knowing that I had a long telecon today I knew that I needed to find another easy knitting project to cast on, and quickly.  A while ago I actually organized and cataloged my stash, but of course, my stash kept growing, and my storage bins did not so the overflow has been accumulating in random piles, mostly localized, but with some distributed around the house.  Of course, one can only carry on this way for a finite time because yarn is not infinitely compressible and I am not yet allowed to take over the other bedrooms upstairs (kids in college but they do visit from time to time - okay, I did take over the spare bedroom for blocking and storing finished projects in, but it wasn't as if we had actually turned it into a spare bedroom) so in addition to finishing up my unfinished projects I have also resolved to work through the random piles of yarn. This project happened to be very near at hand, and looked to be pretty quick and easy, so I grabbed a ball of the yarn and some needles and started knitting a gauge swatch.  I finished my first gauge swatch, knit on US 5 (3.75 mm) needles and knit a second one on US 4 (3.5 mm) needles on my way uptown for a meeting yesterday (no, I was not driving).  I blocked the swatches after I got home and last night I started on the first piece.

This is a sleeveless top that is knit in 5 pieces, front and back corset waists, front and back bodices and a peplum.  The pattern is from S. Charles Collezione and is knit in S. Charles Collezione Nepal a 100% cotton yarn.  I bought the yarn from on sale and got the pattern for free with the yarn.  When I buy yarn I do try to only buy it if I have a project in mind, and then I try to put the pattern with the yarn, or a note with the name of the pattern with the yarn so I don't forget what I was going to knit with it.  For a while this yarn was in a bag without the pattern and I couldn't remember what I was going to knit with it, but when I was going through one of my pattern notebooks doing some organizing I spotted the pattern, which I had printed out and put in a page protector, so I took it out of the notebook and slid it into the bag with the yarn.  Ever since then the yarn has been quietly whispering my name.  Maybe it is the hot pink color, or the fun construction, or the fact that it has been sitting in a project bag literally at my feet for months, who knows, and frankly, who cares.

Project:  Beyonce Structured Tee from S. Charles Collezione
Yarn:  Nepal from S. Charles Collezione
Needle:  US 4 (3.5 mm)

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