Sunday, September 25, 2011

Through the Looking Glass - Clue 1

True to my word, after I blocked Moonfleet, I cast on the next shawl - Through the Looking Glass.  The shape is Faroese, the center panel represents a chessboard, and the wing motif is lady bugs.  I am using a Gradiance color way - Autumn for Ana.
But this was not the yarn that I ordered when I signed up for this Knit Along.  When I signed up I ordered a solid color - Gold Mustard.
With berry-lined light topaz iridescent beads.  I actually ordered Autumn for Ana for the Phoenix shawl because I really didn't think that the color I had originally chosen was going to show off the design, but as I started to see some of the finished shawls I decided that the Gold Mustard yarn would be a better choice for the Phoenix shawl and decided to use the Autumn for Ana yarn for the Through the Looking Glass shawl.  The beads that I had originally gotten with my order will work just as well with the new colors, although I will have to find some beads for the Phoenix shawl, but that won't be hard given the size of my bead stash.

Both colors are Luxe, by The Unique Sheep, a wonderful combo of superwash merino and tussah silk.  Not fuzzy, great stitch definition, wonderful to work with.

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