Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Hand Painted Knitting Yarns puts out a number of very beautiful and simple kits.  This is the scarf-in-a-scarf kit, and it is the second one that I have knit.  The first one was for Carol, my adopted sister and co-owner of Beadcats.  The kit comes with 4 skeins of Precious Yarn 2-ply 60% silk, 40% Fine Merino and a matching silk scarf.  One of the things that I really like about them is that they have a number of colors inspired by Operas.  This colorway is Parsifal.  This is dead simple knitting, garter stitch.  I picked this project up because I had to travel for work this week.  This past Monday I had to fly to California and I needed some mindless airplane/airport knitting.  I spent yesterday hanging out with some great Marines at Camp Pendleton and crawling on an M1 tank.  I took the red eye back last night and got to spend the day at home, which is way better than spending the day sitting on an airplane and then driving home during rush hour traffic.  Knitting while reading on my Kindle helps make the trips bearable.

The yarn itself is wonderful to knit with and the colors work up so beautifully creating an iridescent effect.

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