Saturday, August 13, 2011

Tiger Lily Pullover - Redux - Finished

I finished the sleeves this past Thursday.  I like the pooling of the red on the bottoms of the sleeves.  Definitely better than the first version of this sweater with regard to the pooling, and also the fit.  I am really enjoying knitting this pattern, especially with the yarn - Boomerang by Fiesta Yarns.  I love the colors, and the yarn is really wonderful to work with.  The pattern itself is super easy, just a simple top down raglan and I have a fair bit of it memorized.

The first time that I worked for my sister Virginia in her Beadcats booth was at the 2000 Convergence (Handweavers Guild of America conference), held in Cincinnati, Ohio.  During one of my breaks I was wandering the floor and ended up talking to an Amish woman at a fiber booth who was knitting a sock.  It was a simple sock, and I think she was knitting from the cuff down.  When she had to help a customer, she would stick the sock in her pocket, pulling it out again when she was done.  We chatted for a few minutes (I had not yet started knitting, but I made my first purchases of fiber at that show) and she explained that she always had a sock on the needles.  It was a simple easy knit that was eminently portable, as well as being something that you always need more of.  Now, my sweaters are definitely much bigger than socks, but thanks to the size of my knitting bag, they are still quite portable.  And given all of the beautiful colors that Boomerang comes in, I will be knitting many more of them.  Can you have too many sweaters?

Yarn - Fiesta Yarns Boomerang, 3 skeins in Tiger Lily (May 2010 Flower of the Month Color)
Needles - Size 5 (ribbing) and 6
Pattern - Top Down Raglan from Sweater Wizard software with modified neck and body shaping.

Here is a picture of the first version of the same sweater.  The pooling is quite...dramatic...This version was knit on size 8 needles.

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