Saturday, August 27, 2011

Moonfleet - Clue 2

This week I have been focusing on lace, the Wandering scarf, the Lotus Garden scarf (more soon on that) and the Moonfleet shawl.  I love knitting lace.  I think it is my favorite kind of knitting.  I finished up Clue 2 this morning, waiting for Irene to hit.  She still hasn't touched us yet, but the sky is overcast and the air is warm and still and humid.  I can see a little bit of movement in the tops of our trees, and now the breeze is just starting to penetrate the shelter of our yard.  We should start to get some wind and rain soon.  We aren't too worried, we are on high ground, but not exposed, our house is about halfway down a ridge line, so we tend to be sheltered from the worst of the wind.  When Isabel hit our area we only lost one tree in our heavily wooded yard.

I have also been successfully fighting off a migraine with biofeedback.  Whenever the pain starts I imagine the blood flowing from my head into my hands.

Here is a close up of the lace motif.  The pattern calls it a Mohune Y pattern.  It is easy, but not too boring.

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