Tuesday, August 23, 2011


So I'm sitting in a meeting this afternoon and things start to shake.  The first thought we all had was "who is kicking the table" but the shaking went on and got stronger and we realized it was an earthquake, so we all went outside.  The osprey were carrying on cranky, wheeling about in a group.  I can imagine what the shaking must have felt like in their nests (which are up on tall poles).  This is actually the third earthquake that I have experienced.  The first one was when I was in high school in Yellow Springs, and I was sitting at the kitchen table and when things started shaking I wondered what my brother had blown up in the basement.  The second one was in California after college, and there was no mistaking what it was.  A few things fell over, but there was no damage - I was not there for that big one that collapsed the freeway.  When we finally got home a few hours later it was to find a little bit of damage, and one very spooked kitty.

A shelf leaped off the garage wall and something on it attacked my car, leaving a small dent and scraping off the paint.  We'll pick up some touch up paint to help prevent rust.

A small vase leaped off a shelf in the bedroom and had the misfortune to land on the base of a lamp.  Fortunately it is a clean break and I will be able to fix it.

And some books toppled off of a shelf in my studio.  I thought about taking pictures of the scene before cleaning it up, but was afraid that you wouldn't be able to tell that something had happened (yes, I do need to do some work down there, and I am, but it is always slower than I would like).  The only damage was a tin that got smashed by some books.  You can see some of the culprits lurking in the picture trying to look innocent.


  1. Please sing:

    We felt the earth
    Under our feet.
    We felt the shelves
    Come tumbling down......

  2. Considering the number of book shelves we have, it could have been a real mess. I'm thankful that they didn't all come tumbling down :).