Sunday, August 21, 2011

Moonfleet - Clue 1

So put me in the slow lane for this shawl.  The final clue came out over a year ago.  This was the first Unique Sheep Mystery Knit Along that I signed up for, but I think it took a back seat to the Evenstar shawl, and several other shawls that I had on the needles at the same time (I think I had at least 6 going, remind me never to do that again!).  The yarn is Eos, and the color is Mermaid.  When I selected the color I was going for an ethereal effect, reminiscent of sea spray.
This picture shows the beads a little better.  The magatamas are the most wonderful aqua, and the seed beads are a lustrous white.  The seed beads are hard to spot unless you enlarge the picture.  They outline the lace section.