Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hurricane Irene

Most of the day it wasn't too bad, some wind and rain, but we've had much worse before.  It didn't really start to get bad until the eye passed to the east of us.  We had a branch, actually two branches come down on our deck around 9 pm.
And a lot of leaf litter and smaller branches in the yard.  I actually napped for much of the evening on the day bed in our living room.  Just before the power went out it started getting worse, so Bruce and I went out onto the front porch to check things out.  He had the good sense to take the flashlight with him.  We had turned the porch light on and were shining the flashlight into the yard just to get a sense of things.  There was some lightning, and after one rather spectacular flash everything went dark, including the porch light.  "Uh Oh" we said to each other.   This was around 11:30 at night.  At that point there wasn't really anything else to do but to go to bed.  We took a couple of candles upstairs along with the flashlight.

I think the best part was the two of us lying in bed reading on our Kindles in the dark.  I have a lighted case for mine, and he was using a clip on light that I had received from The Unique Sheep in one of my club shipments.  When we finally put out the lights, it was very, very dark.  He dropped off pretty quickly, but I lay awake listening to the storm for a while.  A thump on the roof startled both me and the cat.  We can see a branch up there, but neither one of us wants to climb up there to get it down.  We did lose one tree in our woods.  Our woods are pretty wild and we tend to have a non-interference policy with nature in general, so we probably will not do anything about it.

We both woke up around 4am, and things had mostly died down by then.  I opened one of the bedroom windows a few inches to get some fresh air and the cat promptly jumped up on the shelf in front of the window to scope things out.  The power came back on around 11am, earlier than expected (when I called in the morning, Dominion had said between noon and 6pm).  Times like these I wish I had a home weather station...hmm, maybe I should set one up, as well as a seismograph...

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