Sunday, July 17, 2011

Marigold Pullover - Redux - Body Done

So, after wearing my Marigold pullover I decided that the gauge was too loose, and so was the sweater.  Having worked with several Fiesta yarns I have now decided that for my knitting, anyway, I need to go down a needle size from the one recommended on the yarn band.  I have also refined the pattern to improve the fit.  Here is the body of the Marigold Pullover, re-knit.  I unraveled the sweater, winding the yarn with my ball winder.  Then I turned the yarn into a skein with my swift, tied it up, soaked it and then hung it up to dry to get the kinks out.  It took this treatment exceedingly well.  This is what it used to look like:
I do miss the pooling a little, but the fabric and the fit are so much better.  I am going to re-knit the Tiger Lilly and Calla Lilly pullovers as well.  In fact I have the Tiger Lilly Pullover sitting here next to me, ready to be unraveled.  I am hoping that they come out less psychedelic.

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