Saturday, July 2, 2011

Lacy Angles - Finished

I spent most of last week fighting off a migraine (successfully) with caffeine and salt (kind of nice to have an excuse to eat chips) and doing some mindless knitting - a summer top - but finally returned to this project last night.  I never did post clue 3 because my mind was occupied figuring out when to start the knit on border.  You see, the pattern instructions called for 5 rows of stockinette and specified that you had to increase the stitches to 240 on the last right side row.  Now this just bothered me.  According to the designer she had come close to running out of yarn and so she had removed a couple of rows and it suddenly occurred to me that maybe she had that final stitch count in her head, and when she removed those rows that number stayed.  Now 240 stitches does give you 40 repeats of the border, but I didn't see anything magical about that number.  But what really annoyed me about those increases in the last row was that you had to do an odd number of them (15 stitches), so they wouldn't be symmetric.

The first thing that I decided was that I wanted to finish with a complete repeat of the central pattern, so that dictated the number of rows of stockinette that I wanted to do (I think it was 7).  Looking at the stitch count I saw that this would result in 231 stitches, but the border pattern is 12 rows, with 6 live stitches being used up with each repeat, and 231 divided by 6 is 38.5.  So, on the last row I only did 2 increases at the outer edges and omitted the 2 increases on either side of the central panel, resulting in 38 repeats, with 1 stitch left over, which I needed for the very first row, which was not part of the border pattern (the border pattern started with a right side row, but the cast on leaves you with a wrong side row as your first row).  The border pattern was easy, and quickly memorized.

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