Saturday, March 5, 2011

Celtic Cross-Stitch - One Chart Done

I've been focusing on my cross-stitch project lately and finished one of the four charts this morning.  I really enjoy the detail work and I find that it has the same effect on me that beading does - I don't seem to get tired while working on it and find myself staying up way too late.  The most challenging part is the Celtic knot-work in the central portion.  At first I tried working it row-by-row, the same way I knit lace, but that resulted in long floats across the back of the work, which looks ugly and isn't a good plan anyway.  So then I did the black first, which provided a nice outline for the rest of the colors.  Sometimes I would work several rows at once in order to avoid the long floats.  When I started filling in with the other colors I verified my stitching as I went along.  I found a couple of mistakes - stitches that I had missed, but that was all.  Now, on to the next chart.

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