Saturday, March 19, 2011

Lace Surgery - In Dreams Mystery Shawl

So I was happily knitting along on Clue 2, feeling as though I had really gotten the hang of the pattern when I realized that the central spine of one the beaded repeats was no longer in the center.  So I stopped, and set the work aside until I had some quiet time, was well rested and was feeling up to tackling some lace surgery.  I did not invent this method, I found it on another blog (can't remember exactly where).  To perform lace surgery I used one of my blocking mats, some straight pins, two double point needles that are smaller than the needles I am working the lace on and a crochet hook.

The first thing I did was figure out the area that I needed to fix.  Then I unraveled those stitches, collecting the beads and pinning out each strand in order as I unraveled them.
Then I used the crochet hook to pull the strand through each stitch.  I left the new stitches on the crochet hook until I had completed them all, and then transferred them back to the needle.  The trickiest part was getting the beads back on, but only because things are a little tight and scrunched up as you work.
The lace pattern is very easy, and the work went quickly.
And then it was done!

As you work the stitches back in, use the other double point needle to even things out.  I was not too obsessed with getting things perfect, just close enough, figuring that any lingering unevenness will work out when I block the shawl.  So now I can go back to happily knitting, which is a good thing as I am now 2 clues behind.

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