Saturday, February 12, 2011

Avira - Finished!

The last clue came out yesterday and I spent last night and today finishing it.  I love the shape of the shawl, especially the spine of yarn overs going up the center.  The shawl is not large, more of a shawlette.  The only real challenge is the cast on because the shawl is knit from the bottom up.  There were 311 stitches for this size, a larger one would probably have twice that many.  The main advantage of a shawl knit this way is that the rows get shorter rather than longer.

This is the first project for the Light and Dark Lace Club.  The yarn is PennyRose Yarns Benji in Light Orchid, 100% superwash merino.  The design is by Ruth Greeenwald of PennyRose Yarns.

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