Saturday, February 12, 2011

Avira - Clue 2

I spent most of this past week in California for work.  I left Monday afternoon and came back on the red-eye Wednesday night, arriving at Dulles International Airport at 0545.  After stopping in briefly at work to check my email I came home and relaxed, watching musicals on TCM, and knitting.  I have found that when traveling to California it is better if I take a red-eye back.  I hate being away from home, and I can sleep on the plane almost as well as I can sleep in a hotel.  It is far better than getting up at 0300 to take an early flight back.  And the drive home from the airport is easy because the traffic is all going the other way.  The other advantage is that by the time I have gotten home I have effectively put in my eight hours and can go home - to knit and relax.

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