Sunday, October 29, 2017

Myndie - Cast On

I also cast on another Ambah O'Brien pattern last week.  This one has a lot of repeats of sections, and rows that are repeats of previous rows, so the first thing I did was make a spreadsheet with complete instructions and increases, decreases and stitch counts just to make it easier to keep track of where I'm at.  Once I finished that and pulled it in to knitCompanion I just had to cast on.  I'm using a set of yarn that Laura dyed up while waiting for Hurricane Irma to arrive.  The colorway is called Hurricane Watch and is based upon the radar picture of the Hurricane.
I really like the colors - vivid, cheerful, bright.  I've been searching for a pattern to make with the set almost since I received it.  It seems most folks are going with something that mimics the swirl of the Hurricane, but I decided to go with something completely different, and Ambah's patterns lend themselves to using color.  I am going to work through each color until it is gone and then join the next.  I thought about working the white between each color, but I think I'm going to save the white for the end.  Any thing left over I can use on my ADVENTurous KAL (Ambah's Advent calendar wrap).  The Unique Sheep offered an Advent Calendar set, which I ordered, but it only has 24 colors and Ambah's pattern calls for 25.

Pattern:  Myndie by Ambah O'Brien
Yarn:  Rare Breed by The Unique Sheep
Needle:  US 5 (3.75 mm)

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