Sunday, August 13, 2017

Camp Loopy 2017 Project Three - Goldwing in Green

Having to completely restart my test knit I realized that I also needed to rethink my Camp Loopy Project Three plans.  I had planned on making a cardigan, but I had substituted a different yarn and new I would have to make modifications and just didn't feel like I could devote that much time and effort to the project so back I went to Ravelry to find an easier pattern to make.  I decided to look at Ambah O'Brien's shawls, knowing that they often used multiple skeins so I could more easily meet the yardage requirements, and she has been very prolific in recent years so I could find something published in 2015 or later (the requirements for the project).  I settled on her shawl Goldwing.  It has a simple construction and can be easily modified to use as much yarn as I need to in order to meet the yardage requirements.  For yarn I went with Canon Hand Dyes William Merino Gradient.  They have some lovely gradient yarn colors but I decided to go with something simple.  The color is Emeralds but for the title of my project I went with Goldwing in Green because I like the alliteration.  I'm working the first skein from light to dark and when I get to the middle and start the decreases I'll work the second skein from dark to light.  I went down a needle size from what is recommended in the pattern because my yarn is a little lighter weight than the one called for in the pattern.

Pattern:  Goldwing by Ambah O'Brien

Yarn:  Canon Hand Dyes William Merino Gradient in Emeralds
Needle:  US 4 (3.5 mm)

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