Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Hale-Bopp Clue 4

It's been a little while, but I've been busy finishing up a test knit, and also working on a sample knit (more about that later).  The final clue for the Hale-Bopp MKAL came out last week. As most predicted, it involved picking up stitches and working the lace motif.  If you recall, at the end of Clue 3 we were left in this configuration.
With 280 stitches still on the needle on the right, and the comet tail going off to the left and it was along that comet tail that the stitches had to be picked up.  My usual method of picking up stitches is 2 stitches for every 3 rows.  The pattern called for picking up 3 stitches for every 4 rows.  Okay, I could work with that, easy enough on the sections that are lace - those are done in stockinette - but what about the sections done in garter stitch?  Typically, when I pick up stitches on garter stitch, I pick them up every other row.  The first time I picked up the stitches, I did it that way, but then got nervous about not having enough fabric in the edging to block without overly stretching the edging.  So, I ripped back and tried to do it per the pattern.  I got seven rows into the lace and noticed this happening.
It was really noticeable on the slip stitch section.
Ugh.  I didn't like that at all.  So I thought about it, and slept on it, and decided to rip back and try again this morning.  On the lace sections I picked up as I normally would, but on the garter and slip stitch sections (which is worked on a garter stitch base, with the addition of slipping stitches to pull the fabric in even more) I picked up a stitch every other row.  Then, on the purl row back I increased by purling into the front and back of stitches to get to the right number in each section (based on the 3 stitches for 4 rows rule).  I am much happier with the result.
And here is the slip stitch section.
Much neater.  Oh, and I won a prize in the clue 3 thread - a free pattern - way cool and very exciting.  Now, I just need to complete clue 4 before the end of the weekend.

Pattern:  Hale-Bopp MKAL by Ambah O'Brien
Yarn:  Zen Yarn Garden Serenity 20
Needle:  US 5 (3.75 mm)

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