Saturday, March 25, 2017

Watermelon Shrug - Almost Done

This project has been mostly done since February 4, but I realized after I wore it that the sleeves were different lengths, so I set it aside while I worked on a couple of other projects knowing that I would have to come back and fix it.  I finally got around to fixing it today.  I undid the bind off on the central opening, raveled back and picked up the stitches, then I undid the sleeves, one at a time.  I had done a three needle bind off, which I had decided was too tight, so I decided to replace that with grafting.  Once I got both of the sleeves done I redid the knitting around the opening and did the final bind off.  I'm probably going to work some cuffs to add a little length to the sleeves.  This one did not come out as long as the Gazania Shrug.

Pattern:  Traveling Zebra by Louise Robert modified to be a shrug
Yarn:  Bis-sock by Biscotte & Cie
Needle:  US 2.5 (3 mm) & US 4 (3.5 mm)

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