Sunday, February 5, 2017

Hale-Bopp MKAL - Clue 1 Done

I've been getting Ambah O'Brien's newsletter for a while now.  I really like her designs although I haven't knit any of them, until now.  I couldn't resist this one.  It is named for a comet, and my MS in Physics was in Observational Astronomy, and it called for 3 skeins and I happened to have a 3 skein set in my stash, and the pattern was on sale for newsletter subscribers.

The yarn I am using is from Zen Yarn Garden and is one of their Inspiration sets - Monument Valley.
From right to left, the colors are:  Truffle, Arctic and Black Mousse.

The cast on was a challenge - Turkish Cast On, which I've never done before but definitely will use again in the future.  I also like the I-Cord edging, definitely something I'll use again.  It did take me several tries to get the cast on correct, and then I got about half way through the second section and discovered that my stitch count was off.  I tinked back for a while and then just ripped.  It turns out that my stitch count was off at the end of the first section, but somehow I had miscounted (twice) because I thought I was good.  I had also made a really stupid mistake in the second section, which I'm not saying any more about, cause it was just that stupid.  When I restarted I took the time to figure out the stitch counts and then I made sure to check myself after every increase.  I also decided to add beads to the lace section, just cause.  I used stash beads.  Stash yarn, stash beads.  I feel very virtuous.  I'm trying to be better this year about adding to my stash because I'm seriously running out of room to put things.

Pattern:  Hale-Bopp MKAL by Ambah O'Brien
Yarn:  Zen Yarn Garden Serenity 20
Needle:  US 5 (3.75 mm)


  1. Like your comet clue 1. I do appreciate your stitch counts. They should be part of the pattern for clarity. I counted every row in the beginning!! The pattern also needed to state something about the waste knot in the very beginning. People who have not done toe up socks or turkish cast on have no idea the the knot is not a stitch. Love your colors!

    1. Thank you. I'm glad you've found my stitch counts useful. I agree - better to have more information and more explicit directions - it really helps prevent frustration and makes for a more enjoyable MKAL.