Monday, April 25, 2016

Peacock Feathers - Done!

I finished up my shawl this weekend and blocked it last night.  I did not do the edging that the pattern called for.  It had you pick up stitches around the edge of the shawl and then work a picot bind off.  I did actually do the pick up of the stitches - I recommend using 3 different circular needles, one for each side, getting around those corners is a bit of a pain - but then decided that I really didn't want to do the picot bind off.  So I ripped all of that out and went to my book shelves and grabbed "Around the Corner Crochet Borders" by Edie Eckman and flipped through.  There were lots of really cool edgings, but I had a limited amount of yarn and didn't want to get too elaborate.  I started with a simple single crochet all the way around.  On the sides I worked 3 single crochets for 2 slipped stitches (so alternating 2 single crochet in a slipped stitch, 1 single crochet in a slipped stitch).  Along the neck edge I worked a single crochet in each stitch.  That seemed to give me the right proportion of stitches.  I worked extra stitches at the corners - 3 single crochets in each stitch before and after the corner.  Then I did a simple picot - single crochet, chain 3, single crochet.  On the sides I did not skip every other single crochet of the foundation, which gives a denser ruffle.  On the neck edge I did skip every other single crochet, which gave me loops that made it easier to block - I could just slide a blocking wire through them to get a nice straight edge.  I then placed pins in the middle of the diamonds on the edges as opposed to at the points.  I tried to get a blocking picture but was not successful.

Pattern:  Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend by Louise Robert
Yarn:  Biscotte & Cie Bis-Sock in Peacock Feathers
Needles:  US 3 (3.25 mm)

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