Saturday, May 10, 2014

Capricorn - Chart 1 Done

When I finished up Koi Rama I immediately started Capricorn, the previous offering from the Unique Sheep Zodiac Shawl Club.  When I complete this shawl I will have done all of the club shipments except for Taurus.  I need to decide on a pattern for that yarn because I don't want to do the club pattern.
The yarn colors are not something that I would necessarily have picked for myself, but I do like the way they are knitting up.  The pattern is by Janine le Cras, one of my favorite designers.  This pattern I am knitting old school, though.  I put it in to Knit Companion, but ended up using one of my magnetic boards and a page protector because there are separate charts for each side of the shawl, and the charts are kind of big, so it really is just easier to work from the magnetic board than to be constantly switching charts in Knit Companion.

For this shawl I decided to try out a new method of switching skeins - join the strands by sewing the end of each one through the other.  The method was posted by Steph from Canada.  According to her once everything is knitted in I won't need to do any other weaving in of the ends.  I can just snip them off after I'm done blocking.  Sounds good to me.
When I got done sewing one end in I pulled on the two pieces until the colors matched, then I trimmed the excess and sewed the other end.  After I was done I did an experimental tug and was amazed out how sturdy the join felt.  The yarn didn't budge.

And the big news of the week?  I am now a moderator in The Unique Sheep Mystery Knit Along Group.  I was blown away when Laura asked me.  I respect and admire Laure, Kelly and Janine immensely so I feel very honored to be a moderator on the group.

Pattern:  Capricorn by Janine le Cras (The Unique Sheep Zodiac Shawl Club)
Yarn:  The Unique Sheep Verve in Capricorn
Needles:  US 6 (4 mm)

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