Sunday, April 20, 2014

Scorpius - Finished!

I finished this up yesterday.  I always have a hard time figuring out how to photograph lace shawls.  I see some folks take them outside and hang them in trees or on shrubs and all I can think about is the possibility of getting it dirty, or snagging it on vegetation.  I also like to use natural light, so my dress maker dummy stands near the window of the room that I use to store a lot of my knitting and also for blocking.  Of course, that means there are also random piles of knitting that can be seen around the edges of the bottom of the photos.
Figuring out how to style the shawls on the dummy can be a challenge sometimes.  I hit on the drape in the first picture a while ago, inspired by Grace Kelly in "To Catch a Thief", and I hit on the styling in the second picture this morning when I was trying to figure out how to take a picture that showed off the rest of the lace design.
And here is the blocking picture, just to give a sense of the overall look and how the colors pooled.  I must say, it reminds me a bit of argyle socks.

Project:  Scorpius by Trish vanKuyk
Yarn:  The Unique Sheep Luxe in Scorpio
Needle:  US 4 (3.5 mm)

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