Saturday, June 23, 2012

Fickle-Zen Mystery Shawl #2 - Clue 4

I feel as though I have been knitting uphill because I have been knitting to the point of the shawl, now it will be downhill from here.  The knit on edging is pretty quick to knit, a fairly simple lace pattern, and only 8 rows (including the wrong side rows) long for each repeat.  I have 24 grams of yarn left at the half-way point so I know that I will not run out.  Actually, I knew I would be okay after ten repeats.  I weighed my yarn after 5 repeats and then again after 10 repeats and it turns out that 5 repeats takes 2 grams.  I did the math and with my gauge, the edging should only take about 30 grams of yarn.

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