Saturday, June 2, 2012

Briar Rose Bolero - Both Sleeves Done

I finished up sleeve two this morning while watching bad SciFi on the SyFy channel.  I hate the fact that they changed their name to SyFy, just because they wanted to trademark it.  I think it would have been more clever if they had changed their name to PsiPhi, but of course no one asked me.  I also joined both sleeves to the body.
Now the fun begins.  Of course, what I really should be doing is getting ready for my trip tomorrow because it is time for the Bead & Button Show and I have to pack up my Element with all of the booth infrastructure and head out for points west.  Tomorrow I will drive to Ohio and rest a day while I visit my parents and then on Tuesday I will head to Milwaukee for 5 days of beads.  I have laundry to do and I have to figure out what outfits I am going to take and of course what knitting projects to take.  I'll definitely take this one, plus my mystery socks and probably the Little Wing shawl and maybe the Fresh Ink Cardigan.  That should keep me busy and keep me from getting yarn withdrawal while I am hanging out with all of those shiny objects.

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