Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Unique Sheep January 2011 Crochet Blocks

I finished up my other block last weekend.  It was amazingly fun.  I've done bead crochet, and some crochet on my knitted projects, but this is the first all crochet project that doesn't involve beads.  I love the fact that the blocks are being done in a fingering weight yarn rather than in a worsted weight, which would be more traditional for a crochet afghan.  The next block is going to be mailed on Monday.  Here is a solo shot of the second block.

Last Wednesday we had a little snow here in King George - it was a lot worse north of us, we only got an inch or two.  I was supposed to go into town for a medical appointment but as we were leaving work it started to sleet, so I called and rescheduled.  Shortly after we got home I took this picture of our deck.
That is sleet.  We were very glad that we were not trying to drive into town.

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