Sunday, January 23, 2011

Carol's Scarf-in-a-Scarf

This is a fun kit that I picked up at Dreamweaver Yarns.  It is by Hand Painted Knitting Yarns.  The kit includes 4 skeins of luscious hand painted 2 ply 60% Silk, 40% Fine Merino (400 yards), a 100% Silk 14" x 72" hand painted scarf in the same colorway, plus the pattern.  The pattern is mindlessly simply, just garter stitch, but just the thing to work on while reading a good book.  I finished about half of it while reviewing documents at work and then took it on travel with me last week.  I finished it up this morning while finishing "Sharpe's Havoc" by Bernard Cornwell on my Kindle.  I love reading on my Kindle, and it is especially nice for reading while knitting.

I have become completely hooked on the Sharpe novels.  Bruce and I watched all the movies based on the books, but the books (as usual) are far superior.  They are extremely well-written, with wonderfully drawn characters, plus they are historical fiction and Bernard Cornwell always includes an historical note at the end to explain where he took liberties and what the real history is.  I love good historical fiction (like the Steven Saylor novels of ancient Rome).  The Sharpe novels are all about the Napoleonic wars and Sharpe's career parallels the career of Sir Arthur Wellesly, the future Duke of Wellington.


  1. So beautiful. I am dying to know how you knit and read. Maybe it's your physics background????

    Also, I love your Hanne Falkenberg Mermaid. Is there any chance you'd be willing to sell the pattern? I love the sweater, but I have some different colorways in mind, which aren't available in the kits.

    And now, I shall look at some more of your delicious blog.

  2. Hi Andi -

    Thanks :). I'm afraid that it wouldn't be proper to sell you the Hanne Falkenberg pattern, but the pattern wouldn't be that hard to replicate - the keys: knit vertically, rather than horizontally, done in garter stitch, short row shaping.

    Reading and knitting isn't that hard, as long as the knitting is dead simple. I'm also a thrower, rather than a picker, so I don't have to look at what I am doing. I always make sure that I have at least one project that is mindless for just that purpose. Having a Kindle helps too, no book to hold, no pages to turn, just press a tab.