Saturday, November 5, 2016

Raspberry Blaze - Minor Modification

The weather has turned a little cooler here and I've been wearing my Raspberry Blaze to work and I must say that it is wonderful.  The length is perfect, just past my elbows, and it looks great.  The only down side that I had noticed was that the neckline seemed to be stretching and it was starting to want to slip off my shoulders.  Yikes!  So I went to my random ribbon stash and found a thin gold satin ribbon and threaded it through the eyelet holes near the top.  I then sewed the two ends together.  To do that I folded each end over about 1/2 inch, I folded one toward the wrong side and one toward the right side, and then I slipped the folds into each other so that the raw edge of each end was nestled in the fold of the other.  I carefully hand sewed the overlapping edges to join everything securely.  I will have to make more of these, and I imagine that the Beadcats will covet them so I may just preempt that by making them each one.

Pattern:  Ocean Blue Collar by Eline Oftedal, modified to be a capelet
Yarn:  Dream in Color Classy in Raspberry Blaze
Needle:  US 7 (4.5 mm)

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