Friday, July 4, 2014

Watership Down II - Chart 1 Done

This yarn should look familiar - it is Moulin Huet and it was being knit up into the shawl of that same name.  Unfortunately for me that shawl pattern is true Shetland Lace, knit in garter stitch with patterning on both sides, and I just wasn't enjoying it.  It wasn't that it was too hard, although it did require a fair bit of attention on my part, it just wasn't fun to knit.  I like lace patterns that just seem to flow from my needles and this one just didn't.  I made it through the first chart and about half way through the second chart before I decided to frog it and knit something else with the yarn.

The whole time I was knitting the Moulin Huet pattern, Watership Down was whispering in my ear.  Several of the folks in the knit along had done Watership Down in lighter colors than I had and used a gradiance set that had more subtle color changes and those shawls are really lovely.  I checked the yarn amount on my project page for Watership Down and compared it to what I had in the Moulin Huet set and it looked good yardage wise, so I pulled out my Watership Down pattern and cast on.  And then I got to that first row with beads.  And I didn't have any that I thought would go.  I have some size 8 beads that matched the color of the first skein perfectly that I thought would look great against the skeins with the green, but I didn't have any size 6 beads that would work.  I went on line and found something that I thought would work and ordered it, but I wanted to knit now, not wait for beads to arrive, so I grabbed the beads that I had used on my first Watership Down, and they worked!  It has a sort of pumpkin and plum thing going on that I really like.  In keeping with that theme I will probably find some size 8 purple beads in my stash for the beading in the borders.

Pattern:  Watership Down by Janine le Cras
Yarn:  The Unique Sheep Eos in Moulin Huet
Needle:  US 3 (3.25 mm)

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