Saturday, July 19, 2014

Oliver Twist - Yarn

My yarn arrived today for test knitting Oliver Twist.  Jaded Jazzberry on Luxe.  I still have to decide on bead colors.  This is all I'll be able to share until the knit along starts.  Isn't the color grand?  This is one of their ABC colors.  They have a club where they are dyeing colors for each letter of the alphabet.  It was one club I did not join.

The other really great news today is that I got the piano tuned today and the tuner fixed a problem that has been driving me nuts for far too long.  Every time I played the 440 A key I could hear a high pitched tone that annoyed the heck out of me - equivalent to fingernails on a chalkboard.  I told the tuner about it and played the note for him and even though he couldn't hear it he checked out the pad and noticed that it was slightly crooked and wasn't hitting all three strings solidly as it should.  So we softened the glue with a lighter and adjusted the hammer and no more high pitched tone driving me crazy.

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